Bangalore corporal punishment for
late student

late student

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15-year-old Abdul Gaffar Khan, receives medical treatment after he and his request for the family was very severe punishment at his school.


Abdul late to school and said that was not within 200 abdominals and later was beaten.


"When I was five minutes late to school the teacher gave me 200 crunches. Raghavendra then secretary called me and said why are you talking about the bad words? I said I was not talking about Sir. Then he said to my elbow and hit in regulation on the buttocks," said Abdul.


To support his friend, Comrade Abdul also said he was beaten.


"Abdul Gaffar Khan was beaten by Sir Raghavendra with a stick" said Usman.


In addition, Abdul's mother is a teacher at the school.


"The government has issued daily on a regular basis, usually We should not beat children, do not harass children. Day after day, they do not listen," said Dilshad Begum, mother of Abdul.


Despite what the family and even child friend said, the school argues that if Abdul was punished it is certainly not so serious.


"Impossible, I said no, it's up to 25 and we do not insist that you turn this way or only way. Four-five students used profanity in the cafeteria, so that I have brought here has asked the research to make their names, we will look into it later," said Raghavendra Rao, Secretary, Chennama Memorial School.


Although there are two versions of what happened, one thing is certainly true that corporal punishment in schools still exists across India, despite the fact that only banned.

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