MANJINA HANI release on May

Posted Date ::10-03-2011 05::03::42

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‘This is my biggest film in all terms’ – as for as budget, schedules and importance says dream merchant of Kannada cinema V Ravichandran. He has completed the shooting according to his taste for ‘Manjina Hani’ after taking over from producer Sandesh Nagaraj.

V Ravichandran the showman of Kannada cinema after ‘Ekangi’ has attached lot of importance to this film and releasing the audio album in April middle.

For May 30, 2011 V Ravichandran birthday he has two surprises – Releasing the film ‘Manjina Hani’ and launching his son Manoranjan who is currently with a few projects of his father assisting him.

With this the third generation from N Veeraswamy of Ishwari Pictures family the three decades old production house comes to the cine field.

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