It is 1993 Bombay, March 12

Posted Date ::21-01-2011 04::01::42

Tags : Babu Janaardhanan,Mumbai,Mammootty,Sanathanan ,Coimbatore

This was the black day in the city of Mumbai Metro was rocked by a series of explosions that claimed many lives. It is also the title of the first companies to realize that the writer Babu Janaardhanan. Based on the lives of some who have never been directly related to the explosions, the film will be a highly anticipated project of the year.

Megastar Mammootty had been a constant source of inspiration for directors' fees, will become the main character named Sanathana Bhatt in the film. To be shot in Coimbatore, Mumbai and several parts of Kerala, begins shooting in Rajasthan in the second week of February. Red Rose creations are produced "1993 in Mumbai, 12 March.


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